Welcome to The Livingroom Johnston Scrolls!

 Livingroom Johnston thanks all who came out to Hotel Griffou on Monday April,  26, 2010 to his book signing. Camera flash is broken so… photos will be uploaded by attendees.

 It was a great turn out. Stormy weather and all. Many friends, colleagues and fans attended. Alex Corporan provided an excellent ipod playlist and Multi Media artist Lichiban did Tarot Card Readings. All went smooth and well. 

 Hotel Griffou is a wonderful restaurant with a pleasant, acommodating staff, located at 21 West 9th Steet, NYC. The four star  restaurant has five dining rooms, each with a different theme. In the room known as the ‘gallery room’ Livingroom had three paintings set up on easels with his novella’s on a table outlining his formal novel titled “I don’t want to think about it right now”. His SOLID GOLD acrylic painted wood sculpture stood over the books. 

The novellas are hand made. Inquire for details on how to get them.

“Listening to this youtube clip while reading the information below will provide a more joyful experience”.

The paintings on the easels were:

"UNTITLED" 24'x36'


 The above painting is a multitude of ideas transformed and set in a single space. If you notice in Johnannes Vermeer’s paintings, which are relatively few, they take place in moderately middle class settings. Instruments are depicted in most of them, as well. Rather than include instruments, the thought of the sound ‘AUM’ chanted when praising Ganesha is present in this painting.The ajar door represents the threshold to tangible reality, as the painting takes place in the imagination of Livingroom Johnston.

 How Vermeer’s his life panned out, brings to mind the levels of appreciation- positive and negative thought and actions warrant. (research and apply how the details are relevant to you).

 On another note: Thinking of the story of Ganesha, (Remover of Obstacles, Lord of the New), a favorite of Livingroom’s. In this painting is an idea of what it would have been like when Ganesha’s father was preparing to go off to battle. Spending time with his wife. Having a cigar and a glass of wine before dining on Elephant Snails. In the traditional works the parents look very different, as they are other Gods in Hinduism. The idea, naturally, is to express individual use of imagination, by Livingroom.

Livingroom Johnston's Roof Deck Series-Second Installment 16x20


The above painting is, well, the title of it… The inspiration of this painting is Happiness, Harmony, Hard Work and Wealth. Enjoying a few minutes of ‘ME’ time, the luxury that comes with said actions.

This painting is a collaboration of ideas based on the movie Avatar. The movie reminds Livingroom Johnston of the movie Pocahontas with a twist of Hinduism added. Therefore, Livingroom chose to remake Ganesha as an adult in present day, with a child  like sense of humor, (briefs on his head and a tray of boiled eggs), riding a flying carpet with his pet rat that gnaws through obstacles. 

There you have it. A run down of the works presented at Hotel Griffou.


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