Livingroom Johnston is currently in collaboration with CONTRAST magazine, writing a novel titled: DOWRIES for DIONYSUS. Each chapter is being printed and published monthly. Which, in fact, gives you time to rev up your expectation after sinking your literary teeth into it!

Current issue of CONTRAST.


‘DOWRIES for DIONYSUS’ is a story about a quirky, color blind guy by the name of Paul, whom has been living a mundane life, shoving paper in an office, until after work a co-worker invites him to a new local bar. The Journey begins as Paul is introduced to an older woman whom he sees on the elevator daily and steals glances at. Regina happens to be a lot more than he expected, opening him to unexpected experiences and… well… you’ll have to read for yourself.

To retrieve your copy and back issues go to: 


Not only will you be getting the novel ‘DOWRIES for DIONYSUS’, you’ll be exposed to a world of art, surfing, skateboarding and a multitude of creative minds from Hawaii and other global communities.


“Its a story you want to read!”

Thank You!

Photo courtesy of CONTRAST magazine


One thought on “‘DOWRIES for DIONYSUS’

  1. Prepare for one of the planets rising new stars full of light and life. Forget about what you “thought”.

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