Splitting Consciousness through a Creative Standpoint

Jamal“Why are these Elephants in a Livingroom Johnston Painting –  Looking at a Livingroom Johnston Paintings in a Museum?”

First Installment of "The Livingroom Johnston Museum Series"


Livingroom  – “Um… I don’t know. Looks familiar though. I do a lot of work in different mediums. Sometimes I forget”.

Jamal “I think I saw this somewhere before”.

Livingroom“Remind me”.

Jamal “Oh! I remember! It was up in a show in Brooklyn. I remember now! That was the show Rasu and Daoud put together right?”.

Livingroom“I Believe so”.

Jamal “You wrote something and blogged about it right?”

Livingroom“Lemme look it up. Got it. The blogs is up on my computer machine”.

Jamal “Okay, read it to me telepathically”. 

Livingroom – Coup d’etat Brooklyn is a clothing and multi media company owned by Rasu Jilani and Daoud Abeid. The two have made a strong impression in American culture, ranging from celebrities appearing in movies and multiple television programs wearing their aparrel, to creating venues/platforms for artists to make their marks in society. I am proud to present this show to you! Let’s go people! Only a couple more hours left till the curtains open! 4-7 p.m PUMA sneakers is also one of the sponsors. I don’t wear em’ but it’s a good look. LOL!

 Jamal – “That’s what’s up! That show was a lot of fun! A whole lot of people came out!”

Livingroom – “Yeah! I’mma watch the video link I posted on youtube right before the show and telepathically give you the sound and visual”.

Jamal“Go ahead! SOLID GOLD!”


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